One does not need a printed sheet of paper that confirms their educational standards to join us. To put it briefly, we do not accept degrees as materials of surety during the process of recruitment.

We strongly deplore any such practice as it fails to assess innate talents. Instead, we mandatorily check portfolios of previous works to determine individual abilities. In the absence of portfolios, trial articles are used as surrogate documents to decide a person’s potential.

Other than that, there are two very basic requirements –

  1. The person applying for a writing desk must be well-versed in English (knowledge of other languages is also appreciated and greatly helps in this line of work, but it is not a necessity).
  2. The person must possess great knowledge about the field they will apply for.

Editorial Guidelines

Our editorial guidelines are simple: We maintain a strict policy to ensure our content satisfies our quality criteria. Once an article is written, it’s carefully edited by our editorial team.

We are deeply committed to publishing high-quality pieces that meet the needs of our readers. Members are free to choose the field of work that suits them best and shift tables whenever they fancy. There is no place for grubby politics here.

We believe in equality, and our sole objective is to provide for the audience while improving ourselves at the same.