Windows 11 is preparing to bid farewell to its long-time text editor, WordPad.

The latest update to Microsoft’s operating system marks a period of significant transformations. The integration of the AI assistant Copilot directly onto computers naturally draws attention, but it also comes with the abandonment of some well-known tools, such as WordPad, which we’ve been using for a long time!

WordPad, a veteran about to vanish

In a time when access to Word required a license, WordPad was the simple solution for writing text on Windows. However, things have evolved significantly since then, to the extent that Microsoft has decided to completely do away with it!

With the version 26020, WordPad will be removed from the operating system and cannot be manually reinstalled. Microsoft soberly explained: “WordPad will be removed during the update. WordPad cannot be reinstalled. WordPad is an obsolete Windows feature.”

Numerous alternatives available

For savvy users, alternative solutions can still be found online to bring WordPad back to their machine (although it’s important to remain vigilant about their source!). However, despite the nostalgia it may evoke in some, numerous alternative text editors are available.

Microsoft, of course, offers its famous Word, accessible via Microsoft 365 or for free through the online version, Office Online. For those preferring to steer away from solutions offered by the American giant, there’s LibreOffice, a free office suite derived from the OpenOffice project.

Farewell, WordPad!