OpenAI has announced the launch of its very first store, where users can download personalised chatbots known as GPTs.

Two months ago, OpenAI launched tools for creating GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers), personalised chatbots that used ChatGPT and Dall-E technology to perform tasks in a particular field. Once created, these AI assistants were to be quickly shared on a platform, the GPT Store. And after a long wait, the GPT Store is finally here!

This is it, after the announcement of its creation at DevDay in early November, the GPT Store is finally a reality. OpenAI boss Sam Altman himself announced the news on his X account.

And even though this ‘shop’ has only just been launched, it will already be able to offer a large number of GPTs. Since GPT Builder went live, nearly 3 million of these assistants have been developed by users of the service. The store will feature different categories (writing, search, lifestyle, etc.) and will showcase the most popular GPTs of the moment.

The tool is currently available to all ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise subscribers. In its press release, OpenAI also points out that you don’t need to know how to code to develop your own GPT assistant, and encourages users to offer their own creations to the public.

This incentive will be even greater in the coming months. During the first quarter of 2024, the American company plans to introduce a system of remuneration for the people behind the GPTs, based on the level of engagement. The programme will begin with users in the United States. For those curious about this platform, it can be accessed at this address.