AI popular among teenagers, Character AI

With over 20 million registered users since its launch in September 2022, Character AI is the second most used generative AI after ChatGPT.

This California Unicorn concept is to provide a chatbot that makes you feel like you are talking to celebrities like Napoleon Bonaparte, Taylor Swift and Batman.

It is not surprising that this technique is especially popular among teenagers to “fill their loneliness”.

Claude, the “helpful, harmless and honest” ChatGPT counterpart.

That’s how California AI startup Anthropic describes its chatbot.

Don’t be mistaken. Claude is not only an “ethical” version of ChatGPT, it is also one of the most serious competitors in terms of performance and can count on (huge) financial support from Google and Amazon.

Claude 2.1, a new version released at the end of November, surpasses even OpenAI chatbots in computing power. It can handle 200,000 characters (the smallest unit of text a language model can handle), compared to “only” 32,000 characters for GPT-4.

Gemini, Google’s latest answer

The successor to the Bard chatbot was somewhat hastily introduced in the media as the “ChatGPT killer”. And there is a reason for that.

Gemini made waves in early December, and according to demos conducted and published by Google, it outperformed GPT-4 in every domain tested (math problems, computer programming, etc.). The demonstration sparked internal criticism, with some employees questioning the actual performance of the new LLM, which would still need to work to “kill” ChatGPT.

Elon Musk’s chatbot, Grok

Unveiled last November, the chatbot from the boss of X (formerly Twitter) was supposed to be “rebellious”, “sarcastic” and, of course, to compete with the star of chatbots, ChatGPT.

OpenAI is accused of serving an “advocate” agenda by self-censoring issues it deems controversial, particularly political or religious ones.

In fact – surprisingly – the chatbot is not as responsive as expected and is too advanced for its creators.

In particular, Grok calls trans women “real women” and says, “Diversity and inclusion are essential to building a just and equal society.” Musk responded by releasing a fix…

Mistral AI, the new French unicorn

Founded in May 2023, the startup is already valued at around $2 billion.

Investors include US software giant Salesforce, BNP Paribas and CMA CGM.

The ambitions of CEO Artur Mensch (former AI lab of Google DeepMind) are clear. “To create European champions through global challenges in artificial intelligence”. However, the French unicorn will have to deal with the AI ​​Act, the European AI regulation.