During Nvidia’s keynote speech at CES 2024, the company took the opportunity to offer an in-depth look at its Nvidia ACE technology. This time, the demonstration was called Kairos.

It highlights the conversational capabilities of AI and the Avatar cloud engine when applied to NPCs. Check out the video below.

Set in a cyberpunk bar, this demo was originally shown at Computex 2023 and demonstrated the conversational capabilities of the Avatar Cloud Engine AI when applied to non-player characters (NPCs). It was developed in collaboration with Convai, a company purpose-built to create technology that allows game developers to create NPCs with interactive and multimodal reception capabilities. These characters can be seamlessly integrated into the game’s virtual world.

You can also interact with elements of the game world based on the story. For example, players may be asked to pick up a specific nearby item. Additionally, interactions between NPCs have been added, making the world more engaging even for players just passing through. NPC dialogue is nothing new, of course, but with NVIDIA ACE it’s different rather than always repetitive. Developers can now use ACE microservices to enhance their games and applications. It comes with NVIDIA Audio2Face (A2F), which creates real-time facial animations from audio sources, and NVIDIA Riva Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), which allows players to speak directly to NPCs instead of typing.