The British may not be very good when it comes to creating tasty dishes, but they do seem to make good laptops. Star Labs, a company founded in 2016 by beer-drinkers and which defines itself as “In short, we’re just a bunch of geeks” designs and markets PCs with Linux pre-installed. They have just qualified their StarBook laptop on Qubes OS.

The machines, which include 2 laptops, a mini PC and a tablet, and whose design seems quite good, can be delivered with Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Zorin OS and now Qubes (only for the StarBook model).

The StarBook is a 14-inch laptop featuring open-source coreboot and EDK II firmware. It is currently the only Qubes OS-certified laptop. This certification means that the Qubes developers have checked that the StarBook hardware is compatible with their system in a specific release (in this case, release 4) and will work.

It’s also important to mention that repairability seems to be guaranteed, given you can buy all the parts directly from their website.

Qubes OS is a security-oriented OS that aims to provide a drastic level of security through isolation and compartmentalisation. Qubes is free, open-source software. And Edward Swoden recommends it.