If you’re an Apple user and you only have a Mac, then you’re blocked from playing Valheim. To this day, no date for a Mac version has been announced. But there’s a solution !

However, a clever fellow by the name of timkurvers has created a porting script. Since it would be totally illegal to offer the game already ported, he has created a script enabling you to port the game to your Mac yourself. Of course, you’ll need to have already purchased the game for this to work. It works for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

The author explains: After reading an article on porting Unity games to different platforms, I started experimenting with building a custom Valheim build for macOS based on the Linux version: collecting the game data, fetching the correct dependencies and stitching it all together.

To do this, go to Github and download his script:

Or git clone https://github.com/timkurvers/valheim-macos

Then all that’s left to do is run it by going to the script directory, typing ./build.sh and following the instructions. The script then connects to your steam account, downloads the game and ports it locally to your machine.

To launch the game simply start Steam and log into an account that owns Valheim and launch Valheim.app from the build folder.

However, with each new Valheim update, you’ll have to wait for the script to be updated before you can update and play again.

M1 Max 14″1440pMedium50-60fps
M1 Max 14″1080pMedium / High60fps
M1 Pro 16″1440pLow60fps+
M1 Pro 16″1080pLow100fps
M1 Pro 14″1440pMedium45-60fps
M1 Air900pMedium / High35-50fps
Intel 15″ (2017)800pLow30-40fps